Whats Happening Now ?

Water Not Gold Counter Campaign - to the NS Gold Show sponsored by the NS Government and Mining Association of NS

Come and take a stand against destructive open-pit gold mining in NS

Fri Oct 18th 11:30am-1:30 pm Rally outside the Alt Hotel at the Halifax Airport

Sat Oct 19th 1:00-4:30 pm at St Andrew’s United Church - Mining Watch Canada co-founder Joan Kuyek Book Launch “Unearthing Justice: How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry”. Followed by Panel on Sustainable alternatives to mining. . For more info email WaterNotGold2019@gmail.com.

Water Walk Ceremony Sat Sept 21st 14 km walk from Warwick Mountain to Tatamagouche Creamery
Come Join us as we walk together on Sat Sept 21st in ceremony for - the protection of our sacred water source - to strengthen relationships between Mi'kmaq and settler folks in the resistance of irresponsible resource extraction - and raise awareness of the proposed gold mine project in Warwick Mountain area !
Wela’liek/thank you to the Mi’kmaq Grassroots Grandmothers who will lead this walk.
The Water Walk is sponsored by Flowing Together Nova Scotia, Tatamagouche Centre, Sustainable Nova Scotia (SuNNS) and other individuals and businesses who have offered their generous support to make this happen.
To get further info and to register for walk email flowingtogethernovascotia@gmail.com.

July 24th 2019 7pm Info Session at Tata Library SuNNS is hosting an evening of information sharing on the proposal for gold mining in the Tatamagouche and other watersheds. Come and be part of this community conversation whether you are a year-round or seasonal resident.

June 18 and 19, 2019 Open House Meetings - Protect the French River Watershed: 

Public Information Sessions are being held for residents in the French River Watershed to learn more about the Designation of a Protected Area. Organized by the Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee.  
June 18, 2019 at 7:00pm at the Warwick Mountain Hall
June 19, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Tatamagouche Fire Hall

If you can not attend, please email Crawford MacPherson cmacpherson@colchester.ca to show your support for what the Committee is doing to protect our water ! One of the important regulations will be : No mining, detailed exploration or processing within the watershed; The Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee is holding this Open House to seek feedback regarding proposed regulations to declare the French River Watershed as a Protected Areas under the Provincial Environment Act. The Water Protection Committee notes that this is an important tool for protecting water quality for those living in the watershed, and for the customers of the Tatamagouche Water Utility.

If you are unable to attend, you can contact Crawford Macpherson with any questions or comments at cmacpherson@colchester.ca or call (902) 897-3170.

May 29, 2019 SuNNS Open Letter to NS Minister of Justice & Fed Minister of Public Works requesting Public Inquiry re Assault of SuNNS member.
As you may be aware, a member of SuNNS, John Perkins, was assaulted by the RCMP on Thursday afternoon, May 23rd at an Atlantic Gold public meeting. Summary information is included in the attached Open Letter. For more detailed information, please read articles by Joan Baxter, which also include disturbing videos. (Links below.) Her description of the incident has been corroborated by several eye-witnesses.
SuNNS has sent an Open Letter to the Minister of Justice in Nova Scotia, Mark Furey, and the Minister of Public Security, Ralph Goodale requesting a public inquiry and apology (attached below).

We are requesting friends of SuNNS to write to each of the ministers to support our request. Here are their emails : Mark Furey NS Minister of Justice JUSTMIN@novascotia.ca and Ralph Goodale Minister of Fed Public Worksralph.goodale@parl.gc.ca

Article 1: https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/province-house/rcmp-violently-remove-and-arrest-citizen-at-public-meeting-about-gold-mine/?fbclid=IwAR3z85wv5pKJUesSVzMzq8ybCStuNiFMdFDsJ3LwoDmQbBVgJ9GbAmGzl58
Article 2

SuNNS OPEN Letter to NS Minister of Justice and Fed Minister of Public Works
AN OPEN LETTER TO:                                                                              May 29, 2019  

-       The Honourable Mark Furey, Minister of Justice, Nova Scotia

-       The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, Canada

Subject: Atlantic Gold Public Meeting Police Actions ‘Shockingly Brutal’ :(The Chronicle Herald paper edition, May 26, 2019, p.3)

As Canadian Citizens we are deeply disturbed by the “shockingly brutal“ actions used by the RCMP to remove a law-abiding citizen who was in no way causing a disturbance, from a public meeting in Sherbrooke, NS, on Thursday evening, May 24.  In addition we are further disturbed that this RCMP action was apparently in response to a request from Atlantic Gold, a company seeking to develop open-pit goldmines in the area.John Perkins is a member of the Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia Society (SuNNS). He is an informed, knowledgeable individual who is genuinely concerned about the consequences of open-pit gold mining in our province. His concern is shared by many.  

While we are aware that in other parts of the world, police have dealt brutally with peaceful citizens opposed to Canadian mining company operations, we demand that in Canada our police be independent and answerable not to corporations, but to our system of democratic law. 

Consequently, we are calling for:

1.    A public inquiryinto the incident in Sherbrooke to ascertain who specifically called the RCMP, and why the RCMP acted immediately, without cause and without further assessment, to brutally remove a concerned law-abiding citizen who was sitting peacefully and in no way creating a disturbance or obstructing justice, from what was advertised as a public meeting.

2.    A statement from both our Provincial Minister of Justice and our Federal Minister of Public Safetystating that it is safe for all citizens to engage in democratic, legal, peaceful forms of questioning and dissent around resource extraction issues without intimidation, the threat of police brutality or arbitrary surveillance. We ask for clarification and clear instructions that RCMP are accountable to the appropriate Government Ministers and that they are not to be unduly influenced by resource extraction corporations.

We ask for a response to these requests by June 30th, 2019.

Respectfully,    Madeline Conacher, for Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia Society (SuNNS)       

Email: sunnsmovement@gmail.com     www.sunns.org

cc: Fed : Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer MP, Jagmeet Singh MP, Elizabeth May   MP, Sean Fraser MP, Bill Casey MP

Prov : Premier Stephen McNeil, Tim Houston MLA, Gary Burrill MLA, Karen Casey MLA, Lenora Zann MLA, Lisa Roberts MLA, Karla MacFarlane MLA  also:Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Appendix Links to some of the media coverage of the event:







Feb 4, 2019 Press Release - Ministry of Energy and Mines Backtracks on No Plan to Cap Contaminating Drill Hole

 Oct 3rd 2018- Here is a gold mining documentary that looks at the relationship between the mining industry and government. It looks specifically at gold mining in Nova Scotia and even more locally to gold mining exploration and development proposed for the French River Watershed, the sole source of water for Tatamagouche. Take a look at this fine documentary by Cliff Seruntine, featuring SuNNS members and Joan Baxter, independent journalist.

Sept 15th 2018 Envisioning Sustainable Future for North Shore Workshop held in Tatamagouche

How to create more jobs in our area while lowering our carbon footprint.
Panelists included Cammie Harbottle, Waldegrave Farm; David Morgan, Antigonish Community Energy (ACE) Cooperative; Greg Watson, North Nova Forestry; Gregor Wilson, Ski Wentworth, Recreation and Tourism; Quita Gray, Sugar Moon Farm.
Sponsored by North Shore Council of Canadians and Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia (SuNNS).

Municipality of Colchester Votes to Protect the French River Watershed - Aug 30, 2018.

Mayor Christine Blair, Tatamagouche Councillor Mike Gregory and Source Water Protection Committee member Deputy Mayor Bill Masters lead the charge at council last night initiating a motion seeking “Protected “status for the French River Watershed. The motion also included an initiative asking government to delay the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP), for mining, until after the Protected Watershed status was in place. The motion was passed unanimously with the council discussion noting that at least two or more other watersheds would be put at risk if gold mining occurred in the Warwick Mountain (Eastern Cobequid Highland Project Area). 

This motion is also supported by MLA Karen Casey and NDP Environment Critic Lenore Zann
Colchester Mayor and Council Meeting to Vote On Protecting or Not Protecting the French River Watershed

Background: The Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee voted unanimously asking Council to designate the French River Watershed as "Protected". 
Local Councillor Mike Gregory and Councillor Bill Masters voted on behalf of Tatamagouche citizens and are committed to promote this motion at Thursdays council meeting. The "Protection" being sought is to not allow gold mining in Tatamagouche's only source of water and will not affect activities already occurring in the watershed.
LET THE COUNCILLORS KNOW that you expect them to Protect the Watershed


Tatamagouche Water Source Protection Committee Meeting Tue Aug 21st 1:30 pm at the Tata Sure Hall

UPDATE : The Committee passed a proposal to recommend to County that the French River Watershed area be designated a PROTECTED area - no gold mining. Congratulations to all ! 

WHAT: The Water Source Protection Committee will be discussing, RECOMMENDING TO Colchester Municipal Council, that the French River Watershed be designated as a “PROTECTED” Watershed with the stipulation that no gold mining occur in this municipal watershed. (The French River Watershed is the only source of water for Tatamagouche).

WHY:   Over 400 people have signed the SuNNS petition opposing the exploration or development of a gold mine in the French River Watershed. NOW you can make your SUPPORT OF CLEAN WATER and OPPOSITION TO A GOLD MINE in the only water source for Tatamagouche VISIBLE.




Request for proposals:

Request for Proposals Delayed Because of the Actions of SUNNS

The Nova Scotia Ministry of Energy and Mines geological studies have shown that there is in fact gold in the region and therefore plans for the development of a mine accelerated in late 2017. The first step in developing a mine is selecting a company to develop the project. This is done through a Request for Proposals administered by the provincial government. The request for Proposals was first scheduled for release April 2018 but through various SUNNS engagements with government the RFP has been delayed until late summer 2018.  SUNNS commissioned a study by an esteemed scientist in which she raised several environmental ( water) issues so SUNNS is now asking that the RFP issuance be further delayed while the necessary environmental studies are conduct to make sure the French River and other watersheds are not adversely affected by a potential gold mine .

 If a RFP is issued the interested companies will submit proposals that include information about their past mining experience, track record with incidents, environmental assessments, and other relevant information.  The successful applicant will then begin preliminary exploration which includes road building, massive open pit earth and rock displacement and  potential water contamination. The Ministry of Energy and Mines reports the Request for Proposals will be announced in late summer /fall 2018.

 Suporters Action Request

Please write Mike Gregory Chair of the Tatamagouche Water Source Protection Committee at councillordistrict7@colchester.caas well as Bill Master (Deputy Mayor) councillordistrict2@colchester.ca  telling them you want the Water Source Protection Committee to initiate the process to have French River Watershed given “Protected” status (especially from gold mining). 

Thank you for taking a few moments to protect the French River Watershed which is the “Only Water Source “ for Tatamagouche. See below for reasons why it is urgent to protect the Watershed area now and not later. 

Urgent Request to protect watershed area 

SUNNS Makes Urgent Request to Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Advisory Committee (Municipality of Colchester)

 SUNNS is asking the Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee to meet as soon as possible and  to make a request to Colchester County Council to initiate the designation process provided under the Environment Act to “protect” the French River Watershed against the potential threat to drinking water by gold mining.  

Many communities in Nova Scotia have chosen designation of a “protected” water area to safeguard their water supply

SUNNs has been made aware that if the watershed is not declared a protected area until after the issuance of the Cobequid Highlands Project RFP, the “protected status” would not apply for the company or companies whose proposal(s) is(are) accepted under that RFP. That company or companies would be “grandfathered” in under less rigorous regulations pertaining to the previous French River Watershed designation.

Failure to Act

If the Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee and Colchester County Council does not act before the RFP is released they will be denied the choice of using the full regulatory options available to them under the Environment Act to protect the watershed.

This makes initiating the designation process urgent.

Given this urgency, SUNNS is looking  forward to receiving a positive response to our request indicating the date and location of the Committee meeting. 

 SUNNS welcomes the opportunity to work with the Advisory Committee and Colchester County Council to ensure the safety and security of the French River W